So….. I made it, I survived another year of running no DNFs (Did not finishes) and all targeted goals achieved!!


My tattoo reads Finish which is what I always want to do, finish a race achieve every goal. I know it doesn’t always happen but if you always aim to finish you’ve got more chance of finishing what you start.


I’ve never not finished a race. I nearly didn’t finish the Gloucester 20 mile race in 2014 but after a slight break to recover from my 1st 10 miles of over enthusiasm I made it over the finish line. In 2013 I had big plans but didn’t see them all through after tiring myself out at the start of the year so in 2014 I was determined to complete every race that I’d planned.

My main runs of 2014 were marathons mainly with a 10k PB in there aswell

London Marathon -turned into a just get to the finish run, when I realised a once again over enthusiastic start meant no chance of PB or even Sub 3:30

Stratford Marathon was a great experience that left me a little guilt ridden urging a running friend who I was helping to achieve sub 4 hours to get to the finish, almost shouting at her (I probably did shout) when she then ended up spending a little time with St Johns. I’m pleased to report that at the end of 2014 she achieved that goal!!

Windermere Marathon a just finish, it was HOT it was HILLY it was BEAUTIFUL and also inspiring seeing those who were running that route 10 times in 10 gdays for The Brathay Trust

Wolverhampton Marathon 2nd Lady on a 2 lap course Got under the 3:30 and was chuffed chuffed chuffed. No more needs to be said

Snowdon Marathon just wanted to finish in under 4 hours, I wanted to run the whole thing. I finished in 3:40! Goal smashed!! Running all the way

Enigma Christmas Double Marathon as hard as it was when many of my contemporaries were winding down their training I continued and training got harder incorporating 2 back to back long runs. It paid off though in the grand finale of my year. I won my first marathon The day 1 Enigma Christmas Double in 3:41 and came second in the next marathon just a day later just 4 minutes slower. WOW I surprised myself too.

The very last race I did in 2014 was a 5 mile handicap arranged by my club Bourton Roadrunners president Norm Lane, as usual I arrived with excuses not feeling to well, second run after 10 days off etc… etc… And then managed a 34:54 minute run!

So that’s it done and finished. Thanks to everyone who’s supported me through 2014 and I hope that we all have a fantabulous 2015!

and whatever you start, try your best to


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