MISSING – Buddy Pouch – review

It’s only when you miss something you realise how good it is!

A few months back I saw a product online The Running Buddy that I thought looked interesting so I got intouch and asked if I could try it out.
Not long after my request I received an email from the UK distributor BlueGizmo of the Running Buddy and a few days later a Buddy pouch landed on my mat in the mail. It looked like this:


I’d received the Buddy Pouch Galaxy, I wanted a pouch that would fit my phone and my gels in. Which with these dimensions L 15.875cm / W 1cm / H 10.18cm it did perfectly. I can fit my phone and about 4 gels in. It’s It held together by very strong magnets and has a dri-fit material which is comfortable to wear against bare skin. Its is moisture resistant (rain or sweat) and has a separator inside to keep your phone away from your gels, cards or cash.

When I first received it I was pretty sceptical about whether it would stay in position , or pull on my running trousers. It’s simple fold over design meant I just folded it over my trousers and pressed the 4 long magnets together and it was firmly and comfortably in place. It’s recommended that you wear the buddy on a flat part of your waist band, so not your hip. I’ve worn it on the front and on the back and I prefer to have it on my front so I can get in to it easily. The first run I had with the buddy was an easy 7 mile run, training for my double marathon. It was great I loved the fact that I didn’t have to keep adjusting a belt and my fears of the pouch pulling my trousers down were put to bed. I carried on using the pouch and it was with me for my double marathon.

You can’t see my buddy here but it’s there on the back of my waist band doing his job wonderfully.


Last week crisis hit, I could not remember where I’d put my buddy, the family were enlisted to check mums usual places for abandoning running kit, no I couldn’t use anything else. It was then I realised what a key piece of kit the Running Buddy has become and I’d not now want to go back to a race belt. I’ve found it now and it’s ready and waiting for our next outing together.

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