Something and Nothing

Here’s a question I would like you to answer. You are working hard at your running, the day’s been long the weeks been tough and tonight you’re expected on the track for your weekly killer track session. You also need to get your scheduled 8 miles in. You’ve already decided NO to track but you feel you should do something. Do you take the easier option and just do your 8 miles or if you’re genuinely fatigued by training do you have the night off and miss a run?

Really what I’m asking is something or nothing? Is it best to rest or run when you’re tired?

Here’s my training for the last 7 days

Sunday 18th 7.4 mile race average pace 7:15s
Monday 19th an easy 3
Tuesday – supposed to be club night efforts, I was tired and knew I wouldn’t do great things in the session so I decided to do my own thing Hills x 8 and a total of 9 miles, now this is my something rather than nothing it seems to have been a good decision I had a few good runs over the next days…
Weds- an easy 3 but turned into a nearly 5 so I could chat with friend
Thursday- a 10k effort which resulted in a 44:46 min run which in training I was very happy with
Friday- a 14 mile easy run
Saturday- shopping trip with teenager (not easy on the legs)
Sunday – 5 mile race, managed training target of sub 7s

So my answer to my question after my week would be definitely

SOMETHING this week, but other weeks I’ve gone for the NOTHING option, I go on what feels right.

What about you?


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