I’m not APPY 

Tough tough tough, and no not the running this time.  It’s the trying to get to racing Weight challenge! I don’t weigh lots averaging 9st 6 on a bad day but after discussions with my coach I’ve agreed to get down to a fighting / flighting weight of about 9st.  

I eat a lot at a lot of times during the day. I favour homemade bread smothered in butter, or toasted, smothered in butter and peanut butter. I like to snack on nuts (half a bag of) I lurve cakes of any kind and like to finish a longer run with a chocolate milkshake.  This added to 6-7 coffee or teas around my meals is not great! This on a bad week or fortnight can be added to careless choices of pizzas, a take out from the chippy and the odd pot ( whole pot) of Ben & Jerry’s.

So after a good but could have been better race last week of 20 miles  (predicting a possible 3:15 in my next marathon) I agreed that I would try harder with the food and limit the calories to get to my racing weight.  I have agreed to this before and given up spectacularly giving excuses like ‘why can’t I just eat what I want I’m never going to be an Olympian’ which is true but eating the wrong things and too much of them is only going to hinder my route to that elusive sub 3:15 marathon.  I know this and I can give out advice to others but struggle to follow it myself.

So feeling good but bad on Sunday evening I logged back In to the App I’ve been avoiding whilst eating what I want due to knowing that the pretty colours and numbers would add up and equal: unhappy feelings and logged the days food intake and activity. 

Not the best fuel but tasted great!

Oh dear reading back over this it looks really bad, I can assure you it was really good and due to the 20 miles I couldn’t eat enough calories that day.  I’ve carried on logging all week trying to keep the numbers down and the colours matching.  Numbers down is not a problem on a running day as I get between 500-800 extra calories most days and 2000 on a long run day BUT rest day is the day I just bomb out and want to eat my own body weight in what’s not good for me and it is tough tough tough! 

No runnng equals, no extra calories, equals makng the right decisions on what to eat and I just cannot seem to do it.  This leaves me angry at the app and feeling like I should stop logging the food again!! If you can’t see it, it doesn’t hurt!!  I know it will hurt my efforts though sooner or later.  Slow me down, cause tummy issues, mean my muscles won’t  repair as quick as the should. I’m still working at it although not eating my M&Ms tonight means

I’m still not Appy!

Do you find your running nutrition easy? What tips can you share to help me and other runners stay Appy 🙂 

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