This Girl Can – These Girls did!!!

These days I run for a club and I’m working on trying to be reasonably competitive in my age group.  I follow a regular training plan and run regular marathons, at least 2 a year chasing a good time.  Sometimes I run  more marathons like last year when I completed 7.  Running  5k seems like nothing and I get frustrated at myself if I don’t get a time I was expecting.

Way back before competing against myself or others mattered my achievements were getting  out whilst the twins were tiny or after I had been up all night. Getting to the top of a hill or getting a full weeks training in. Running a race!! Of any distance and raising money for a charity for the first ever time by running.  Being part of several running communities I’ve realised how many people are out there doing great things and proving that these girls can!! I know it’s also true of these blokes too and that’ll be next weeks blog. This week I’d like to share some of the awesome things that these girls did!!

These girls are all part of the Run Mummy Run facebook community and here are just some examples of this week just what these girls did:

Emma Stevens I ran my first half marathon on mothers day with shin splints and raised over £600 for Mummy’s Star, wonderful charity. X

Megan Taylor “Lost 5stone and came off anti-depressants – all down to running”

Kay Davis “I ran my first half marathon on 1st March in 2.34.18 having only been running since 1st Jan 2015 raising nearly £500 for Children Cancer & Leukemia Group following the death of the brother of a little boy my youngest plays rugby with. He was 11. That was my motivation to start running and I feel I owe him so much, I feel alive again and its down to him xxx”

Michelle Bates “Furthest ever run and pleased with the time too”

Michelle Bates's photo.
Gemma Kirkham “I did a half as the Mona Lisa as part of my vlm training to raise money for lullaby trust!”

Gemma Kirkham's photo.

Louise Goody “I’ve run a mile every day this year – since starting have knocked 2 mins off my 2 mule time

Louise Goody “#mile lol”

A 2 mule time would quite interesting 🙂 how long did it take you until you had seen 2 mules (sorry Louise I could not resist)

Alice Roythorne “I ran 18 miles, furthest ever run. Preparation for first ever marathon. And I got my first year all clear from the nasty big c (2nd run in!)
Loving all these amazing achievements!

Hannah Turner “I got a pb of 3 mins at silverstone half marathon and was 1st lady! Still on cloud nine” 

Charlotte Parry “Week 2, day 1 of my 5k training, tough but I feel exhilarated. Also, with the help of my therapist, tonight is the first night I’ve been alone and haven’t binge eaten. I am in control of my life and it feels good! That’s even a big step for me to say that out loud, apart from my husband, only one person knew I was a binge eater!!!

Michelle Edmundson “Completed portsmouth coastal half marathon and didn’t die! One year and 3 days after starting running and not being able to run half a kilometre! Oh and giving up smoking cold turkey on the same day as starting running too! It’s been a tough old 368 days but I am two dress sizes smaller and a shed load more confident, determined and awesome because I know that with the running team I have behind me I can run 5k, 10k, 10 miles and now 13.1 of the best little miles. It’s not easy, I’m not fast but I’m out there giving it my best shot x”

Running is such a boost to so many people! time and time again These Girls Do!! run, walk, change their lives through diet and sport because they can. Every week, everyday, every hour.

I hope their achievements inspire you to get out there and do it simply because YOU CAN

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