How BAD should you feel after a Marathon

Yesterday I was running a marathon, at the start I felt good after the week of thinking I was not feeling good focusing on everything and making an issue out of it.  But really on the line I felt fit and healthy and ready to run. I’ve run 13 marathons now and I have varying degrees of discomfort after finishing them but after yesterday’s which was also my quickest marathon so far I feel particularly uncomfortable!! It’s a bearable discomfort because I know that as I eek my way up from a chair, waddle down the stairs or protect my core because it aches, it aches because I’ve worked darn hard.

This started me thinking….. How bad should you feel after a marathon?  

Obviously if you’ve given it your all you should feel bad, shouldn’t you?  I have run marathons and then run the day after but I’ve not felt  like I’ve felt this time. I left  it all on the road (or so they- my crazy training buddy’s say) I felt great as I crossed the line looking up at the clock which displayed my time below 3:15 (3:14:55) all bright and shinny and then I felt like I was about to cry, overwhelmed by what I’d achieved and sheer exhaustion.  After a shower and discovering hidden chaffage ( not an actual word) and bending over double when some muscle spasms just under my ribs -as it always does after a marathon?? I felt a little better.  Next the journey home in the back of the Land Rover,  legs in various positions to ease the lactic feeling and numb achey bum.  Wearing slippers to help the aching feet feel a little better.  Fortunately the journey was broken up with a carvery which I did go to still wearing the slippers.  The food looked good, I was hungry and nauseas at the same time.  I managed to make a good dent in the food and felt better afterwards.  Another hour of bum shuffleling later and I eeked myself out of the Land Rover and home.  Aaaahhhh lurvely, even if your house is no show home (much like mine) there is no place like it.  A restless night has been followed by an achey, tired out day but all in the knowledge that anyone who completes a marathon should feel just as BAD as me!!


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