Wake Up!! Stop snoring 

Running is not, I repeat it not, boring!! 

It’s been hard to blog recently, well what’s new? What have I got to say?  I’m concious of boring you with the same old same old every day.  A mile here a mile there, a race, a niggle, a target smashed, a target missed.  Do you care ?are you bored? Does it matter? Well yes it all does,  it matters to me cos I’m a runner, not a writer, but I used to write a little more about life and not just the running and some how I’ve lost that along the way.  

I have a plan, we all have plans don’t we? Well I have a running plan that starts again tomorrow, I have a career plan that’s all over the place, with new ventures a foot, courses to complete that procrastination is over powering me on, a plan for the kids who start school soon (the twins), take options in a year or so (the teen) and the eldest (who feels unloved by her family just now, all my fault) and a plan for my relationship (thinking Las Vegas, married by Elvis Do you take this woman? Uh huh!) I have a plan for the house, that is unlikely to happen untill I stop spending money on running and races and days out doing things I enjoy doing, and a I have a plan to keep on going with this blog for me more than you, whoever you may be! 

So before I begin again, telling all about my runs, my races, the books I’ve listened to on the run, the famous running types I’ve met (cos I’m going to) the core work that works wonders, the latest best running food to eat, my injuries (there won’t be many of them I hope) the time I smash 3hours for the marathon (because I will) my great achievements, my families great achievements, my running mates great acheivemnts.  Favourite trainers, great socks, how to make a mixed relationship work, twins top training tips, and generally anything that I want! here is a quick recap of my year (mainly running) so far…..

I trained to run a marathon, I felt good, I felt bad, I had good days I had bad days.  It rained, it shined, the microwave broke, the toaster blew up, the kids have been great, the kids have been awful, had happy days had sad days, fell out, fell in, left my job, started working for myself, got a 10k PB,  did manchester marathon got a marathon PB smashed my sub 3:15 marathon goal.  Tried a different schedhule with less miles and more speed, it worked! My blokes now my coach.  There is so much more but I don’t want to be a bore.

So now I’ve cleared the junk that was cluttering my brain and dumped it all here on this page I’m ready to begin again!!

Wake up!! Stop snoring! this blogs coming back and it’s not going to be boring

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