Weights, Core, Stretching & Murder

This week was the start of my latest running resolve, to grow the guns, strengthen the tum and firm up the buns!  To do  this means doing more than just running, getting up earlier, to pump some iron, or hit the floor to work on the core. Ending effort runs with not just the obligatory calf and thigh stretches but a whole stretching session.  

This is how the week has worked: 

Monday – The core work day 1 followed by 4 mile run

I wil be doing these core excercises 3 times a week from now untill a fast marathon.

  my current least favourite of these is the metronome and my favourite is superman.  My run was a nice cross country run with Lucy, this is how we always look during our beautiful countryside canters, happy nutters sharing something only happy nutters understand.


Tuesday – A group hIll session Weights and Stretching

A 6am start and no run to do but the upper body programme made its debut appearance in to my weekly routine.  Here are the upper body weights I’ll be doing 3 times a week – yes of course that is me in the photos with perfect form (I kid you not ) 

My run on Tuesday was a pleasurable social stride out with my fellow running club runners followed by a mega hill session that I really did not work my hardest on due to some Manchester marathon memory in my muscles!! 

Here’s the Strava of it https://www.strava.com/activities/298849699

The run was followed by stretching, yes stretching , not slumping into,the saggy sofa and waiting for a hot drink to be deliverd. 

Wednesday – An early morning run to avoid committing murder and Pilates after lunch

On Wednesday morning as I lay wide awake listening to the waves rumbling louder and louder beside me.  Not pleasant sun and sea type waves but more like rumbling tidal waves of snoring, I tried to decide what my best course of action would be murder or get up and run! After trying to shake the offender in to silence I relented, got out of bed and put my running gear on.  I had a great run and had to dismiss my 6am alarm nearly a mile in.  Fortunately. the run calmed my murderous  feelings and set me up for a good day.  A morning at work was followed by an hour at Pilates which I hope will help he engage my core and add to everything else.

Thursday- a new running buddy, core stretching and upper body all In a day

An easy early morning eating porridge and drinking coffee before heading in to work. An early finish at 2pm just so I could run with Kate a fellow runner and Bourton roadrunner club member.  Kate is one of the physio’s at the practice I now manage which made it ideal for us to have a run together.  I am always intimidated by other runners and I know that Kate is a good net and just hoped we’d be ok running together.  A warm and blustery day saws doing an 8 min mile before pushing up to a 7 min mile for 3 mikes.  Our first fast mile was a 6:30, it’s amazing what running with others can do to you.  The next was a  7 min mile and then a 7.24 and our 2 miles back to the clinic were smite comfortable 8 min mile.  No more work to be done so homeward bound for stretching, core and upper body!!! Totally whacked 

Friday – no exercise whatsoever

I needed this day, not having to train at all, not having to think about it, a real rest from runnin day.  
There you have it my week of training, let’s hope I can stay focused through to my next marathon so I can see if all this extra work pays off.
Happy running Happy runners x

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