#Juneathon Mojo missing But I’ve got a blog to do

  Its Juneathon, some exercise everyday and blog about it for a month, the whole month of June to be precise.

Well, I was up and running by about 6:30 today, just 3 miles but 3 miles I didn’t want to do.  I opened my eyes when the alarm went off today at 5:45 and I knew something was missing.  It took me a minute or 2 register and then I realised the mojo was MISSING! I think it actually left town yesterday the day after we had great run together and by 5:45am it had not returned.

Mojo missing I hauled my sorry ass out of bed, assumed the I am a runner outfit and attitude and set off in defiance of the missing mojo.  25.5 mins later I’d run 3 miles.  Slower than my usual easy 3 and feeling hungover on poor food choices from the weekend, but nonetheless less done.  Now I am about to hit the deck and knockout the core work for today.  It’s the first day of the ramped up core today lets hope I can get it done.

Before I go, some fabulous news I won an entry for 2 to Bacchus marathon and trainers from brooks. I’ve got a job interview to be anow events manager for a running /tri organiser, good start to June me thinks 🙂 whoop whoop Mojo you just know you’re coming back!


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