What a difference a day makes #juneathon Day 3

On Monday I awoke a missing mojo and a sluggish feeling and has to hook my body round a 3 mile loop not getting near my usual 8 min mile pace.  By Tuesday the mojo was back and I ended my day with a great kilometre speed session.

Today I was up before 6 and out the door before 6:30am running the same route as Monday at an easy 8 min miles. It may have been the extra energy provided by the sun, or the hypnosis I’ve been ending my days with or the lack  (less not none at all) of processed & ‘stuff’ I’ve eaten who knows but it does prove the saying of ‘What a difference a day makes’

I’m really lucky that the person I’m working for at the moment is a Physio a  runner and Pilates teacher.  This means that I can build runs in, around and during work and squeeze in to the Pilates class too aswell as get physio when I need it!!  How cool is that?

So every Wednesday I break up my day with an hour of Pilates.  By doing Pilates I’ve realised that instead of using my lower tummy muscles I tend to set my upper body and work from the top.  I’m really trying to focus on relaxing the upper and strengthening the lower.  I try and do this with core work I do at home too.  It’s tougher than you think.

So that’s Wednesday done, aside from a yummy dinner and maybe a run with the fella if it doesn’t rain!! I’ll do my runs in the rain but not his!!

Third Juneathon post GO ME!!  


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