Crushed by Kate & Killer Cramp #juneathon day 4

On Thursdays I run with Kate, we run a set 5 mile route and work together to go as fast as we can aiming for 7 or sub 7 minute miles.  We are well matched and it works really well. Last week we were bang on target 7 min miles and helped each other when we faded.  It’s tough, it’s hard but it’s a great run. 

This is Kate in action, not today but in a race 


Today feeling no different to last week, maybe a little warmer because the sun was shining we set off at our usually rocket fuelled sub 6:50… Ish pace. I made just over a mile running with and just in front of Kate which was a bonus when my family passed in the car and then……… Cramp, killer cramp under my ribs I kept running but I couldn’t stay with Kate and watched as she powered on as strong as ever aand I faded away.  I was cross with myself ,it must have been those cheese and ham sandwiches I ate at 12,  a who,e 2 hours before running!! It must have been or was it just  I was done in from the speed session we did on Tuesday.  But Kate had done the speed session too! By the time we were at 4 miles well I was at 4 miles Kate was probably at 4.25 by then, I was fighting with myself just to keep running. Not only was I bodily broken I was mentally broken too!!

I made it back but the whole experience has left me grumpy!! at myself and my body and my mind.  The other thing is I’m racing Kate in just over a week and as much as I like her I still want to win!! and now after this wreck of a run the pressure is on!!! 

Grrr, so after assisting the teen of the house to complete the simple task of potatoe peeling I’m going to growl it out  lifting the weights

Grrr grrr grrr

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