DAY 6 – 1st Park run – #juneathon

Yes yes you’re right I didn’t do a day 5 blog I interpreted the rules in a way that allowed me to post the following on Instagram (If you Juneathon bloggers meet up this year I want to qualify to be there) 

Today saw me take part in my first, parkrun, almost. 5 years after registering.  Running late to our nearest run which is 15 or more miles away in Evesham it was great to turn up to a relaxed and friendly atmosphere buzzing with runners young and old and some in fancy dress to celebrate Eveshams carnival weekend!  My plan was to run sub 7 min miles getting  as close to 6:30s as poss. 

I set off and found my rhythm after dodging a few other runners.  Half way through The first lap of a blissfully flap 2 lap route I realised I was just behind the First Lady so I triumphantly sailed by. wahooo!!   Before the first lap was complete the first lap that same lady sailed past me in to her former position as number one boohoo!!  I finished the run in 21:23 Great time you may think, not for me today I was way off target.  I’m really trying to get the speed up and think it should be coming easier now but it’s not and I need to find out why? I’ll start investigations and share my outcomes with you soon.

A lovely run done all before 9:30 and home In time to go and enjoy the sun and research hypnosis for runners! 

You never know that could be the key to unlocking the speed with in.

Happy running Happy runners – I will be leaving my home at 7:00am tomorrow on a 10 mile 7:30 min per mile run and you’re very welcome to join me 🙂

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