Squeezing it in  #juneathon day 8

Monday Monday!! Busy busy today so it was an early run – not too much of a rush on the run as I moved the start if my working day to 10am so I could squeeze it in (a perk of as self employment) here’s the run 

________________ it should be here but I’m having strava palaver! It will be here as soon as garmin and Strava both agree 🙂 it was 3 miles about 8:07s on the flattest route I can run from home.

In work I exercised the old grey matter a few hours!  attempting to reconcile accounts and not loose track every time the phone went.

Then  I  headed off to help introduce the new treatments that I will be offering along side lifestyle consultation at Pilates Place (incase you’re unsure that is not me with the tape measure)  as part of Pure form at their members evening. 

An intersting evening with very nice people, the obligatory nibbles, a free beauty bag and some  appointments booked in too.  (and this is work) The treatments that  I’ll be carrying out help people to squeeze in those areas that can be targeted with exercise but need intense exercise on a very regular basis that not everyone is up to.  A little help from science may just be the answer to squeezeing them in without as much effort.  

So here I am now at 10pm squeezing in this iddy biddy blog – no time for weights (such a shame) as I need to be hypnotised again!!

Good night all 


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