Challenging behaviours Wednesday weight woes & the British Empire #juneathon Day 10


Well today started with a battle!! Robbie aged 4 decided he wasn’t going to preschool.  No reasoning would work and the allegiance between his parents that’s me and Douggie broke down and we lost the battle.  This resulted in Doug taking Daisy to school and leaving the preschool resistant Robbie with me.  Big sis to the rescue and 10 minutes later Robbie had agreed to go to school! So I whisked him there.  Happy all the way untill we arrived outside where anxiety set in and he began to change his mind again.  I marched in he marched in after me and I left in the hands of the professionals 🙂 phew all was well.  I returned home to collect the teen, drop her off at school and then with a sigh if relief I went to work.

Yes I know, where’s the exercise part in this blog – it’s here, after recovering from the challenges of the morning focusing on work I went and spent 45 minutes trying really hard to engage my lower tummy muscles.  It sounds easy but not for me!  I always seem to use my upper body – that means I can do the exercises but when the instructor repositions me or gets me to relax my ribs ect… I wobble over.  I think it must be due to having twins!! Or it could be the years I spent doing endless sit ups – I’m great at them but they were the wrong thing to do.

After Pilates I had a lovely run with no watch,  just a time limit.  35 minutes and a guesstimate of four miles later I was feeling relaxed and ready to return home to Robbie the rebell Daisy and Doug.  Oh what a difference a day makes, all in the house was happy and calm. Phew!

 I’m scheduled to do weights today oh joy of joys.   When the washing up was put away and the kids were in bed I headed to my weights room (also bedroom) to get started.  I did 2 reps of the first exercise and then decided I was too tired and  I just didn’t want to do them.  I could summon no strength of mind to fight my lazy self and so headed for the sofa and WordPress. I find that I’m quite whacked out most Wednesday evenings.

Time to chill…. No such luck.  In breezed Connie asking all about the BritishEmpire, so I’ve spent a chunk of the evening with Doug and Connie researching Key Stage 4 history.  I recommend the horrible histories video on you tube if you ever find yourself researching the same subject.

So now, time to relax with my hot chocolate look back on my day and be thankful for my family however much hard work they can be!!! 

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