Questions questionss #juneathon day 11

This morning  I sat in front of 2 ladies, local councillors and within minutes of meeting me they fired question after question at me.

What do you know about Upper Rissington?  to which my very professional answer was a pause followed by oh I don’t know.  I then composed myself and told them about it being a growing community, with a school, they’d recently they had water supply issues and my daughter lives there.  Phew I had an answer!! What do you think are the three most important things when dealing with public money? Ummmm….. accuracy, openess, accountability.

More questions followed to establish my experience, knowledge and skills and then at the end of the interview came the old interview favourite, the one I’ve answered many times before.  What  would you say your weakness is?  Oh dear, my immediate answer was cake! I then proceeded to do my usual of saying something was a weakness and the saying oh no, that could be a strength.

The questions stopped and then I got to ask some questions back! and the councillors worked as a team to give me my answers.  Interview over I left mulling over and telling myself off for some of those answers.  Then it came to me, the right answer to the weakness question.  I under estimate myself that’s it, that’s my weakness.  Too late now, oh well.

We all have questions and no one has all the answers.  The best we can do is give what we’ve got.  Tell what we know and what we don’t know we’ll find out or we won’t because we don’t need to!  

In running news:  I did a short sharp run tonight setting off in the opposite direction to Doug, I went past him and then met him again at the top of the hill ( my second time up it) to jog back in with him.  It was warm and I was hot but it was good to end the day on.  Here it is courtesy of the Strava

Claire’s run

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