Parkrun fun then a Hilly Half Marathon #juneathon day 13

After a late night and a cider too many we were up at last the minute and out of the house 15 minutes later Parkrun bound! I was very glad not to be running this morning and just supporting Doug at his first Parkrun and furthest running distance this year!!
We then had a fairly restful day in which I grew steadily more tetchy as race time got closer. I had a go at listening to my Sports performance hypnosis in the bath but the bubbles  interfered with my ability to get into a trance.  But I did feel very calm after the bath so it may have penetrated my mind with thoughts of extreme focus, discipline and ability.

Time to go to race HQ collect my number and face my nemesis, Kate who I’ve spoke of before, close in age, ability and pace we are competitors and we are contenders!

I arrived at race HQ nice and early collected my number 145, milled around for a while and then headed for the start with Kate.  The weather kindly changed for the evening and we had a slightly overcast but rain free run.  For the first  2 miles Kate and I worked together and then I felt Kate go, I was running on my own.  It was a good run with bad bits!! I worked with a guy from Cheltenham Harriers at around mile 4 and he pulled me along for a while before showing me his heals.  I saw him again at mile 10 and once again we worked together untill the point I could not summon anything more and I saw those heals again!

I’ve never wanted to see a car park as much as I did tonight! I turned the corner into the car park and crossed the line in 1hr 37 mins and 19 seconds.  I was very pleased that I was 90’seconds faster than when I last did the run in 2012 and winning 2 prizes was great too. I won my age category and we won the team prize!! 

I am now shattered and will sleep well I’m sure.  It looks like the hypnosis may have done the trick!!!

Not sure what my Juneathon stats are but the overview is:

I’m doing it , I’ve done it, still doing it

Here to Hilly halfs, Juneathon and hypnosis Whoop Whoop!!

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