Irritated by Inconsistence

Tthe tilte sums it up really!  Today I am irritated by my inconsistency.  On my regular Thursday tempo run I’d expect a steady consistent improvement.  I do expect that.  So why don’t I get that.  Well, it’s not because my trainings not consistent.  I follow a plan and keep to it.  Let’s face it for most of us life is not consistent!! 

Last week I was taken off my life treadmill by a bug, I still managed to keep my work commitments but the things that could change like training did.  I didn’t eat well I never do eat well for a consistent period of time. I start off well and then have a lapse (which is always very enjoyable) I’ve done the same with my core and strengthening work, I was very consitemt for a few weeks and since feeling off, and unwell I’ve not picked up again, I am doing today. (I will, honestly) 

There are not many of us in the real world who get the exact right amount of sleep every night, do exactly the right amount of physical activity as we should, eat exactly the right food for our bodies needs.  We rarely feel just one emotion.  Life makes us feel so many emotions, sometimes happy, sometimes sad.  On top of the world – or curled up in a ball wishing the world would go way.  Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s raining ,sometime it’s cold and sometimes it’s hot.

Are you still with me? Do you get what I’m trying to say

LIFES IS NOT A CONSTANT – it is so changeable so unlike me, do not beat yourself up when things are not going your way.  Role with the changes and despite LIFES inconsistencies LOVE IT
#juneathon 24

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