Is it all about the figures? #juneathon

After spending 6 hours of my day today number crunching and data inputting I found myself thinking is everything in life about figures?  How much money you earn, how much money you’ve got? How many houses you own? Or cars you may have?

When you run are you thinking about figures? Are you thinking about the figure you have now and want to get a better one ? Slimmer, more shapely, stronger or more defined.


Are you thinking about figures? How far 5k, 10k, 13.1 miles or 26.2 How many can you run 10 in 10 days or 100 maybe, or how long will it take 30 mins 1 hour? 

Try running without any figure in mind, just running how you feel for as long as you can for no real reason and that’s when you will know that’s when you’ll really figure running out!

I’ve been having a much needed rest from running  today on Juneathon day 25 in the hope that tomorrow I’ll race well.  I can but hope 🙂

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