Everything’s Gonna be Alright 

I’m currently still sulking!! sulking because I had a shocking run, fortunately not recorded on my Garmin as today I decide to run without it.  Not that it helped me at all.  Also because I thought I’d won a prize at the Kingham 12k based on there prize giving last year and actually I hadn’t 😦 I’m trying not to sulk as based on my performance I wouldn’t have given me a prize.  I feel like the kid who didn’t get the pass the parcel!! 

It felt tough, I didn’t feel I was going to get Kate so gave up!!! I do not advise giving up to anyone as it results in self battery and a feeling of fedupness (made up word) and in my case it also results in a stern talking to from my coach and even though I had my excuses, such as I was ill last week, it’s hot and I’m no good in the heat amoungst others he was having none of it based on the fact that if you enter a race you should NEVER give up, I should maybe not have told him I’d given up.  I need to maybe have a week off look at what my actual goal is, stop pissing about and get on with it!!

What do I want to achieve? What is my goal? Yes it says down there in the next target Abingdon Marathon Sub 3:10!!  Do I want that or do I want to be trying to be faster over distances I just don’t seem to be quicker at running against my club mates and beating myself up every time they beat me? When I know my best distance is the marathon.

So, let me get this straight – I want to run as fast as I can and be at peak fitness to run Abingdon Marathon in October I also want to race the races that may hopefully get me my county age group shield and then next year I want to get on with an Ultra distance yet to be selected offers of places and recommendments much welcomed! 

So now I have this clear again, I best get on with it and start believing I can do it again.  With wine,food, and friends happening this evening on day 26 of my Juneathon  I know now that

Everything’s gonna be alright!! – well so BOB says anyway 🙂

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