Back to it!! 

 My backside it not my best side That’s my back is not my most loved feature.  That’s because I don’t see it, but you see it and so do lots of others too!! So with a little help from Shock Absorber I’m going to tone it into a sculptured masterpiece!  Well I’m going to give it ago.

Watch this blog for a run through of the workout over the next weeks and maybe you’ll want to join me? If you do let me know and I can email you the workout.  What better way to get back in to,the running with some new strength work.

Well talking of back to it, I had 6 days off running last week which resulted in my feeling uber relaxed and happy running around in a bra top – it’s the front of the Shock Absorber bra that I’ll be wearing during my back workouts.

I followed up the frivolity with a great 5 mile run listening to the Archers running around my local lanes feeling good and lovin my hobby.

BUT THEN… I went and raced at the Frampton 10k which resulted in……
Stitch at 6k untill 9k when it began to ease off just in time for me to hold off my club mate and run in ,45:41, yes I know a good/ great time for some but not what I expect of myself.  I ended the run feeling sad and very much in need of my free bottle of cider at the end!

I like to end my blogs on a positive note so while I sulk this out I’ll leave you with this quote from Saucony which I know is true!! That’s one tough run done and this runner is movin on.

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