Do you run with your head or your heart?


So what’s the difference?  Yes we all run with our hearts, we wouldn’t be able to run without them or our heads for that matter.  

The question I’m really asking is when you decide to run is it ruled by your head, your running because you have to!  You have to run that many miles in that many minutes to acheive that goal. 


Are you lead by your heart? your running because you want to, you want to run with them, you want to run there, you just love to run and will run anywhere.

I think I’m really a with the heart runner, I want to run there, with them and just because I can.

I seem to be running with my head, I have to run that many miles for that amount of minutes 

If I’m going to acheive  that goal that I’ve pinned my schedhule on, currently for me that’s Abingdon Marathon in October.

There is something of a battle going on now between my head and my heart. 

Yes I want to acheive my goal, I also want to be able to do the fun stuff, the social runs and races the run from the heart stuff.

This week I was given the opportunity of running a great race Thunder Run with in a team of people organised by a group of people who create a great running magazine Like the Wind.  That’s when it became clear that the heart was winning.  Regardless of my running sc(hed)hule I’m running with the heart, I’m not really following the plan.  The race falls on the weekend that our family holiday.  So it took some soul searching before deciding I would go and be on the team and follow the family up to Cornwall a day later!  I know I know but the heart pull was strong and the chance doesn’t come about very often – so this time the heart wins but I’ll be refereeing the battle for a while I think.
Do you run with your head or your heart? 


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