On route home after a week in Cornwall camping with the kid’s . Now that really  is an endurance sport!!

When we set off l had kit and trainers and the determination to keep up the training.  A long family (which for those that don’t know means, noisy, fun,stressful,hard and hilarious all rolled in to one) journey and 5 hours later we arrived.
When we arrived at Cornwall’s Crealy Adventure park our destination for the week the sun was shinning and the future looked like summer. 

Knowing that man + woman building a tent = argument I happily changed into my running outfit and set off to explore a few Cornwall country lane’s whilst Doug and the kids set up the tent.
It started well until 3 miles when I decided to run a loop and found myself running on the A39 -Atlantic Highway ( a rather busy road) it was 3 miles of dicing with death before I turned in to the safety of a country lane.
Back at camp, tent was up and I helped with the finishing touches feeling chuffed to have the run done and are holiday had begun!

The plan was, run early Sunday morning after an undisturbed peaceful sleep under the stars’ The reality was, wind, rain, waking children, early hour dashes to the loo. Waking far too early feeling like I’d  been duffed up after a night on the camping mat – no 17 mile run! oh dear.

 That was ok because Sunday night would be much better!! Yeah right. So no run on Monday? Well actually I did run and this time avoided a really main road by turning round after 2.5 miles.  Cornwall is hilly and I’d guess that out of my 5 miles at least 2.5 were up hill.  Back in time to head to the adventure park after everyone had gone home and play on the slides and pirate ship with the kids.  So all worn out surely Monday night would be undisturbed so I could skip along to the Newquay Roadrunners speed work session bright and early on Tuesday? Erm… nope wind and rain toilets trips galore = not that day.  So Wednesday, yep that was the day I’d run in the evening in with the Newquay Roadrunners, so after a trip to the very lovely Padstow with the family I organised the gang to be Newquay bound on a pirate quest with time to spare, so a maccy d’s meal later I was not running!! Darn it.

I did get a run in that evening though, a different run from any I’ve run before, 10k around an empty amusement park, passing the family a few times as they played on slides and shooting cannon balls and that was the grand some of my training.  I consumed many more food items than miles run and had a fantabulous time mostly except for the evenings and afternoon lulls when we all simultaneously got tired and ratty.

Places visited in 7 days:

Crealy Amusement park


No pics as went just to chippy and supermarket

The beach – Padstow 

The Eden Project

The Pirates Quest – Newquay

The Blue Reef – Newquay

The Beach- Newquay

The shops – Newquay /Padstow

St Michaels Mount – Marazion

Rock pool paradise- Treyanon Bay

and a few other insignificant not worth mentioning stops 🙂 

Back home now and back to it, honest, really back to it!! I will run today, really I will, not yet though, maybe later

Aaaaargh still in holiday mode – I’ll let you know when I’m back out there 😉 

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