Ok, firstly this post has nothing to do with the theory of everything, apart from I watched it on Friday might and was inspired to face adversity!!

So why the bloody hell did I not do that today (now Sunday) and finish my marathon!! I’ve never not finished, I always finish!!

I’m cross at my body and my mind too, because secretly (not so secret now)I think if I had thought my time would have been quicker I’d of walk/ run myself home despite the pain.

Coach Claire thinks what I did was for the best but athlete Claire also thinks that had my night in shining armour (silver merc) not been there on route I’d of maybe run further too. I’ll never know cos tears from me and a hug from him helped  me cave in and I couldn’t face another uncomfortable 8 miles not even for another race t-shirt and usually that gets me round ANY race.

You know what I’ve said it all here MumNrunning

I do go on a bit , sorry!! It’s been very cathartic  and the vids will improve promise 
Incidentally I’m stil a little cross and however hard I try to pretend it didn’t happen,  it did.  When it’s done it’s done, next step…… Learn from the lessons and move on
Happy running Happy runners

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