MOOD and me!!

Mood – a temporary state of mind or feeling

It’s temporary, that lazy mood you feel today,  it’s temporary so why not get rid of it now, change that mood to a doing mood?

That grumpy mood you woke up with, it’s temporary, so change it for a happy go lucky kind of mood.

I describe myself as the moody type, but not in the way you’re thinking.   I’m moody as in, my mood changes regularly depending on the weather, the level of stress I’m feeling, my hormones,  the kids moods, Dougs mood.
Mood can effect a whole day, week, month or year or life.  Remember it’s not a permanent state of mind, mood is a temporary state of mind and you can change that state of mind.  Not always with the power of your own thoughts, sometimes by surrounding yourself with people in better mood or maybe moving yourself away from people in a worse mood.

I find that my mood effects so much of what I do,  the opportunities around me.  With a little mood mangement so many things seem more achievable, so many more people want to be around me  and I want to be around so many more people.  Life is easier to deal with and running is back to being good fun.

…..and that my lovelies,  that was the little bit on Mood that has been bobbing in my brain for a while.  So now here it is on paper for you x 

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