Make it count!!

I’ve not been told I have months weeks or years to live.  I am fit and healthy and able, so now is the time I should be doing things in my life and making them count.  So very often we sadly read that people are diagnosed with a life limiting illness and because of that they get our there and they get things done.  Brilliant well done to them!!  BUT we shouldn’t wait until that time, or a time when a friend or relative of ours is going to leave this world and us behind.

Make your life count NOW.  How you do that will be different from person to person.  It may  be by creating a secure loving home for your family, making sure your loved ones and  kids are on the right track.  Or like me it may be by making your mark in a world you love enjoying a place you love and living, really living, laughing and loving the family and friends who you really like and love.

We’ve all heard and seen the ‘Bucket Lists’ a popular thing to do now.  Lots of things  to be ticked off.   Don’t write one!! you’ll only get de-motivated if you’re not ticking it off.  Think about it though, think about what could make that list, what you could actually do.  Then work though it, don’t put pressure on yourself by making it public, just slowly work through it for you and for them.


When the time comes that we leave this place we will have had a damn good time making everything we do count!!



This post was inspired by watching a documentary on How to die: Simons Choice a sad and thought provoking documentary about a mans choice to die.  He seemed a great guy who truly made his time here count x


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  1. Hi Claire,

    I have just read your post whilst flying back home from Gateshead. This post is so very, very true.

    You have inspired me.

    Have a great weekend,


    Sent from my iPad


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