I asked for one marathon tip from fellow runners


Here’s what they said……..

 “Make sure part of your long run is done at race pace”

“Don’t stop before 26.2ish miles “

“Don’t go off to fast on the start. You will burn out sooner and struggle with your pacing at the later stages!

“Do the training!

“Don’t take on a marathon unless your prepared to give up a fair chunk of your personal life for months on end!

“Just remember, the marathon is a celebration of all your training. Failing that, ‘friction is not your friend’
“If you’ve done all the training, enjoy the race! If you don’t relish the challenge, the whole thing is a waste of time!

“Train properly and decent trainers”

“Don’t trip over the starting mat (Brighton 2014)

“Get to the start line feeling fresh and wanting to run, not the opposite, everyone will know what I mean”

“Bearing in mind training may or may not have gone to plan…know what you can do. Give what you can at that moment”


 “Never eat ‘something new/untried/different’ the night before your big day. Frequent stops in the portaloos isn’t funny”

“Positive  affirmations night before, deep breath, smile and ENJOY that last painful mile – u will look back and reminisce”

“Don’t go out too fast and leave enough energy in the tank for the last 6 miles, you’ll need it!

” Vaseline. Everywhere 😳

“Racing line – don’t run any further than you have too. No weaving in and out of groups”

“Don’t under estimate the distance and train properly a DNF is tougher than any hard training session…”

“Believe in yourself”

                                                                                   Three simple words” just smash it” x

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