The Taper time blues

Feeling lethargic sleepy and weepy
What is wrong with me?
I’ve run and run miles and miles how fit should I be?
Is it because the miles have gone down
To help me feel refreshed and new?
But it’s sending me barmy crazy in the head
I got the Taper time blues !!!
Everything hurts one thing at a time
I know I’m not injured and everything’s fine
I’m likely to snap, if you say the wrong thing
I cannot stop planning and planning and planning
I visualise the race my tummy does a flip
Just 5 sleeps away
I’m not ready for it 
Oh lord help me what can I do 
I know I can do this!! 
I’ve got the taper time blues
Last time I did a run I ran like donkey
My pace was lethargic my legs were just wonkey 
Help me help me, what can I do
I’ve got to remember 
It’s the taper time blues
I just want to lie here and hide away from me you all
So you cannot give me your colds or make me trip and fall
If I just stay right here, yes that’s what I will do 

I need to stay calm
I’ve got the taper time blues


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