What does that Ajudicator do❓❓@englandathletic

Have you ever seen an adjudicator at a running event?

Do you know why they are there or what they actually do?
Well as a UKA adjudicator for almost a year now, let me tell you what it is we do.

Firstly we are not there to squirrel out a fault.  We are there to help events meet the UKA rules that they commit to when getting a race licence and to help event organisers to have a safe well organised event.

All race organisers who decide to have their race licensed by UKA get their license issued to them by answering a series of questions and providing information about the course, the Heath and safety, and other key requirements that ensure they will be insured under UKA.

We (the adjudicators) then go along on the day to check everything is in place for future licence applications and events.
Here’s our checklist:

I know that for some organisers particularly smaller events,  having the adjducator on site is an added stress o an already stressful day.  If I explain  how I see my role, which is one I take on voluntarily,  then you may not find us being there so stressful.
When I get to a race I like to meet the organiser and if they’ve got time, go over the checklist with them.  Then I like to walk around and get a feel for how its all going  ask questions and make notes whilst checking off items on the list.  I look at the event from a standpoint of giving recommendations to help future events.

Once my checklist is complete I will just be around the event and help where I can.  Then I will let the organiser know the areas I’ll be putting in the report and explain my reasons before I go.   Later that evening or week I write and submit the report online on the Runbritain website.
That’s what I do as an Adudicator, are you an adjudicator or race official?  Tell us all about what you do. 


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