Running – Coach’s questions in June 

Today’s question

I’m really fit, my legs are strong. I’m fast on the bike and on the swim, why am I not faster on the run?

In this case and to the person asking, this was my answer.

Yes there is no doubting your fitness and your strength.  In our last block of training due to illness we missed key sessions.  These sessions were the speed work sessions.  

Very simply, to get faster you have to train faster. With a mixture of short speed work (200m , 400m, 1 minutes and 2 minute sessions, just some examples) 

and longer sessions (mile reps, kilometre reps, time trials, again just some examples) 

you will introduce speed in to your runnng which will translate in to your races.
There are other things that we will do to gain improvements for this runner.  What speed sessions do you do?

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