Running – Coach’s questions in June Number 2

My question to another coach today – (my coach of old and still current mentor ) as I was running a 7 mile route up a hill today with my training partner.  Well I wasn’t, I was dropping off the back like a boulder.

I asked his opinion on why this easy run felt so tough?
His answer was

It’s mental, it’s in your head.  You keep coming back and joining us, so it’s not ability it’s that you’re just not focused.  He didn’t say  the focused bit, I said that.  I could not quite hear exactly what he was saying as I was still hanging off the back.  

I also listened to a talk the other day that said, in a test where athletes were asked to focus on the finish line and not allow anything else to enter their  mind (eye on the prize) they were 17% quicker than those who looked around and had a jolly (these are not the exact words of the study they were quoting)

I haven’t entered my next big ‘A ‘race yet, I have no prize to eye up, whether that’s a podium place or a PB so I’m on a jolly!!   Jolly’s are fun but don’t get PBs 

Easy runs can feel tough when you haven’t got your eye on the prize.  Pick a prize, a time, a race you’ve paid for, a goal.  Set your eyes on the prize, focus and you’ll do well 
Whats your current focus? 

One thought on “Running – Coach’s questions in June Number 2

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  1. I have since learnt that actually you may have not rested sufficiently since London Marathon where you PB’d taking a massive toll on your body. You should have had 7 days minimum completely off excercise and ideally a lot more. As a rule of thumb, it takes about 1 day per mile to recover from a race you have worked your hardest so that is nearly a month for a marathon. This does not mean you can not run within this time but it does mean you cannot expect to run at your best within this period.
    Although my previous answer to your question may be true the fact you may not have had a decent rest for 1 to 2 weeks after he marathon then this could prolong your recovery which sometimes can take up to 6 months for longer. My best advice would be to stop running have a complete week off now and let your body and mind recover. Continued poor performances is a classic sign of this if your training remains the same although it is likely that you are not able to train as hard either.

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