Running – Coach’s questions in June #5

I asked myself a question today.  

If one of my runners was carrying an injury which was not getting any better and each race they were having to ease up because the injury wasn’t getting better what would I advise they do?
Rest – simple .

This is actually me – so it’s not been simple.  I run with the runners I coach, I teach spin twice a week and I run about at Bootcamp once a week.

It’s possible to coach and not run.  I’ve cancelled spin for the week and I’ll train Bootcamp without joining in.  I’ll have one or maybe even 2 weeks off, as long as it takes for my back to get the rest it needs. 

How important is it to you to keep running to the best of your ability?   

That’s what you need to weigh up and to decide.  We can often carry an injury that doesn’t stop us completely but does slow us down and take the fun and our compete needs out of runnng.  In my case I want to run and be competitive whenIi can be.   Its time for rest and then work back in to it after hopefully letting my injury repair.

Make your decision and here is to more happy ruining!! 


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