Running – Coach’s questions in June #7 #food

Food, lots of runners ask about food.
I always answer with – Yes you should definitely eat!

It’s a personal thing, we all need the basics to function and to run over distance, build muscle and increase energy we a need to consider a few more things.  More carbs, more protein, it all depends of you.
What you eat and when for performance can differ depending on your lifestyle.  Maybe you’re  running around after the kids,  sitting at a desk all day or lifting and moving things all day.   When you run or train and what you do in training will all change your bodies requirements.

The best thing to do us collect together a weeks (or more but a weeks enough) worth of info, what you’ve eaten and when, how you felt and then analyse the information.  

Quite often when you see your weekly intake mapped out in relation to your weekly activity you can see a pattern or an obvious issue or cause to your problem.  Whether that’s feeling tired, nauseous, not hitting the training goals or having to make a million loo stops in a 3 mile run.  

I can often see patterns and make recommendations for my runners.  The are always just recommendations as your diet has got to be something that you and your body get the most from.

One thing I do always say to my runners is eat within 20 minutes of a hard session.  It’s not always possible but try to have something with you.

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