Running – Coach’s questions in June #8

I’m the same age as him, similar height, similar shape but compared to him I just can’t……..

Don’t compare!! No one is ever truly comparible,  unless selected scientifically to be so.

Same height, same weight, same age, but you work as a waiter and he works at a desk all day.   He gets 8 hours sleep you get 5.  You’ve been ill last week , he’s on the curve of peak fitness.  You’ve got 3 kids and he lives on his own with his dog.  

Who really knows.?  We don’t.  So the only comparisons I believe you should be making are with yourself.  How you compare to your last run, your last gaol.  How you felt yesterday compared to how you feel today. 

Don’t compare yourself to anyone.   We are all unique, we have unique lifestyles and unique psychology and physiology, we may have similarities but we are never the same.

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