Coach’s Questions day #10 #running – Not Built to Run 

This is not a question but a statement I hear all the time.  In fact I heard it today at BootCamp

I’m not built to run

My response is this
Yes you are, we’re all built to run.  We may not all be able to run for miles and miles or break the 4 min mile but I believe we were all built to run.

Our lifestyles, diets and experiences shape and cause limiting factors.  The  media around us gives us an idea of the ‘build of a runner’.   But just to run, we are all built for it, we just need to use what we’ve got and achieve what we can.

Do you have kids? If not you were once a kid,  think about what they do as soon as they have mastered walking they RUN.  They run everywhere and I often hear myself telling my kids, don’t run, slow down, be careful.  Slowly we take away the purity of running.  Just running to get where we are going!  Let them run

and remember we’re all built to run.
Get in touch if you what he to get your body doing one if the most natural things it was built for.

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