Coach’s Questions day 14 –  Why those sessions? #running #coaching

Well today I was asked to coach the Norths Cots Tri and Run group on their speed session.
With the meeting point The Slaughters United Cricket Club and knowing the distance around the track is 400m and also that most members had run races over the weekend (hilly) I opted for the following options

400m & 800m reps – if field available


3,4,5,4,3 (min efforts)

My thinking short stuff, short and simple (400m) easy to recover flat on filed d, or the timed reps managed on route independently by athletes depending on what their previous training / racing had been. 

Then I received a message from Coach Den –

Why the 2 options? One I agree with, one not, do you know which and why? is this athlete centered 

Oh!!! Ooh I don’t know…. Queue panic, question self and re-assess.

Phone call to coach to discuss

My explanation was this – both sessions are adaptable and we need to bear in mind runners who haven’t raced although at this fledgling stage in the club there were only 2 runners who had not raced.  

Some discussion resulted in shorter reps – I adapted it to be 1 and 2 min reps out on the roads.  It was a tough session that those who raced managed and those who didn’t got what they needed too.  

I am always open to input from others.  Coach’s  and Athletes and will always be learning from what I do.  A big part of coaching,which many coaches forget is self analsys.  It’s the best way to adapt learn and progress.  
Just like when you’re running!

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