Referend…….run  #blogged #poem #referendum

On the day of the referendum vote,  to stay in or leave the European Union 

What did I do?

I went for a run,  got up early,  did a tempo run, cos that’s what I do

I came home feeling good, dressed and ready to go. I had my eldest daughter dropped off at school with time for me to zip to the polling station and vote before the office day had begun.

Right then, I felt good.  Surely my vote would count and we would remain in the EU

Today on the day that the results were revealed – today I did not run and today my vote made no diffence – my country has voted to leave the EU

Tomorrow, what will I do?  I’ll go for a run that’s what I’ll do 

I’ll always run whilst my body allows me to

Remember the world keeps turning, whether we are in or in or out of the EU

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