Dear Team Left – A letter to my left side 

Dear Team left side,
I know you hurt right now, you’re letting me know about it.  But can I please please appeal to you, to give it up already!
I’m sorry that I have a wonky running style which means that you get more of the burden of miles and miles placed upon you.  I can assure you, I am trying to help build up your strength to help you cope with the miles that I run.  I really do not think that changing the wonky style without upsetting other equally important Team Claire members is feasible. I will of course urge the rest of the team to pull their weight.

Look, you have to understand that I need you,  I have a fast marathon to run in October and the possibility of a 10 day period running a marathon a day. You’re gonna have to sort yourelf before then. Continually having little jabs at me and nagging away is not doing either of us any good. 

Can we agree that I will look after you better.  I’ll stretch you out and foam roller you , ok I know the foam roller bit is not a favourite of ours, you’ll get used to it.  I’ve got us booked in for a massage on Monday.    All I ask is that in return you get off my back! Stop the nagging and we will be just fine.   I need you to get your power back and work your butt off towards Chester Marathon in October. 

I’ve not heard whether my application to run 10 marathons in 10 days has been accepted yet, so let’s not worry about that just now. Stop the random aches and pains that our head keeps telling you to give me as signs that may make me stop.  Let’s not think to far ahead. It’s not going to stop me running if I do get in.  So let’s start working together on making you stronger and hopefully me faster shall we?

Are you up for this?  I am if you are .  

We can do this 

Loving you muchly
Claire X

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