A runner Not a writer 

I describe myself as a runner, my passion, my love, my life. 

Light bulb moment! I’m a writer too.  I write, not always with style and grace but I write and I love it too.

I write for some of the same reasons I run, for space, time, to manage my thoughts .  Head space to release the clutter of the day.  Sometimes that clutter is dumped in to a jumble of words.  It occasionally lands in a blog but mostly it is just there on a page left and done with.

It’s a skill I’ve worked on, still very much in the developing stage, even at my age (nearly Four – oh) just like my running.  Not elite, but not bad and room to improve.  A talent maybe that if natured earlier could have grown in to more?  Who knows?

The thing is I know I’m a runner and a writer, they are both what I do.

Love to write, love to run

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