What! You’re going to run 10 marathons in 10 days? #10in10

Oh yes I do believe I am.

I’ve spent a few years making excuses, why not to enter it and then, this year in the year of just do it,

I’ve only gone and done it – I applied, put together my fundraising plan, detailed my running achievements and then waited patiently to here.

Well I wasn’t patient at all really, I was very impatient, I got in touch with Aly Knowles the event coordinator at the beginning of the week that we were due to here,  to see if there was any news.   Nope, the panel were meeting at the end of the week.  So the end of the week came and went and other than some hugely unsubtle hints via social media I was patient.  Saturday arrived and I told myself I wouldn’t hear at the weekend.  Then mid morning on Saturday I realised I’d missed a call.  I listened to the message left and it was Aly!  No mention of in or out, just a number to call her back to talk  about my application.

Excited!! I phoned straight back and had to leave a message, telephone tennis the match had begun, fortunately I was able to return Aly’s next serve and we were able to speak.  Aly went all Xfactor on me and didn’t tell me straight away that I was in.  I almost thought I was out when she was telling me that they’d had several people apply – really do lots of others want to take on this crazy challenge? It’s reassuring though as it’s something we all feel we CAN DO!!  and then she said.  ‘We’d really like you to take part, it was unanimous, we want you in!! and (no pressure) we are excited about your running experience it will be good to have some fast women’  10 marathons in 10 days fast!! PRESSURE

Day one of my challenge started right then!! I pledged to raise £5000 and so my fundraising began.  I wrote out my fundraising plan, brainstorming all my ideas good or bad and have been working my way through them.  I set about creating my Justgiving Page and letting people know all about the challenge that I have set myself.

My first mini challenge for myself was to get a donation (or more) a day for 10 days.  Today is day 10 and I’ve almost acheived it – I have had a donation a day or more than a donation a day, but at least one every day for 9 days. £200 raised so far.

Just today to go!!

Incase any of  you my fabulous blog readers can help me hit the goal please press


Over the next weeks and months I’ll be blogging about the mini challenges I set myself, the fundraising and importantly about the charity and the people we will all help by doing what we are  doing!!

Have a great week everyone, take on life’s challenges and remember everything is an opportunity which ever road it may take you down!!

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