For F#&@k Sake 

I’m trying here!! I’m doing the exercises I’m seeing the Physio and I’ve got a trainer on the case 

BUT it’s all going to shit!!

Do you ever feel like that?

3 miles in to a 10 mile fast run, I ended up in a phone box reversing the charges at the cost of £1.80 per blooming minute to get a lift home.  My lower back on the left hand side was throbbing and I was feeling pants!!  

This could be the result of  some gym ball exercises and acupuncture earlier today maybe? 

I am a firm believer in the fact that pain comes from the brain, and we can override it if we try.  I realise that it’s not always the case, but it has been for me.  This time though I’m really having to work up the hill to reach crest  can’t even see it yet.

I have genuinely stopped thinking I can run well at the moment.

Help me out please folks What makes you believe you can? 

When you feel like there’s a rain cloud permanent ly overhead how do you get your sun shinning again? 

I’ve got to get this sorted as I’ve got a very important goal to achieve!! 

Help me please !!!! 

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