Putting the Fun back in the run

That’s it, that’s what’s been missing ‘FUN’ 
It’s simple really, why did I start and why did I keep running? because, ultimately it was fun.  What’s happened then where’s the fun gone?

It has got squashed under a pile of expectation, possibilities and goals that are not just my own, they’re other people’s goals and expectations for me.

You’ll know if you read my previous blog that I have struggled just to complete the distance recently and just stopped mid run and went home.  This caused me to reflect on what was happening and why I was not enjoying my running.  I’ve been running alone a lot recently, but that’s fine, I enjoy running on my own, I relish the silence and time with myself.  

The question is When does the fun leave my run at the moment?  It’s when I have a time pressure, a pace goal.  I start off on pace, fall off pace really quickly and then rapidly lose the love!!

This weekend, I’ve ignored pace and completed a 10 miler then a 13, quite happily, munching up the miles line pace-man and feeling good!! I could have carried on.

My new positive outlook was contributed to by the athletes I coach, their hardwork and effort during their sessions on Friday and adjudicating this morning at a Black pear joggers 10k event.  It was the inaugural Wilkins Way 10k held in the memory of a young lady who suffered with an eating disorder and mental health issues and sadly died last year.  The event had a lovely feel and to spend the morning in and around runners enjoying what they do was like a great big hug!

Mojo missing? Running not great?

My advice to myself and you is

Find your fun, surround yourself in runners and get out there and get in done xxx

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