How I train for 10 marathons in 10 days

Well how do I train for 10 marathons in 10 days? 

Who really knows?

I’m lucky to have friends who have run multi marathons and taken part in the event and I’ve enlisted there help and advice and coaching to help me to get through. I also have a supportive partner who knows me, knows how I work best and has researched and took the advice on board to help devise a plan for me.

Everyone is different and no one way of training will suit one person – so with all the advice to hand what you’ll read of the next few weeks is how I will be training for 10 marathons in 10 days.

I’ll be using a 10 day schedule which starts on Monday 31st – my first set will actually be 9 days because I want to run with my mates on Saturday which throws it out of sink a little (See I’m difficult to work with) but on Monday the fun begins!!

Over the 10 days I’ll be working on body strength, in the gym once week and Pilates twice a week.  It’s important to be strong as well as run fit.  I’ll listen to my body and if it grumbles I’ll take a break.   The key is to arrive for day one May 11 2017 feeling good and injury free.

Runs during my 10days will include hill reps, and cross country and slow recovery plods.  I’m sure it will open a Pandora box of emotions and those no doubt will shared here to.
Let’s do this together I’d love you to come along for the run and keep me going in the comments each week.  

If you missed why exactly I’m doing this you can find out here 

Why I’m running 10 in 10

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