Keep Going !! Keep Moving

Just keep running if you’ve ever seen Finding Nemo, then I’m sure you’ll remember Dory and her ‘just keep swimming , just keep swimming’. That is exactly what goes through my head when I have 10 days of running to do or a run feels like it’s taking forever.

You could say not a tough 10 days this block mileage wise for me,  reasonably low miles and weather bearable which is always a plus.

Here is what I’ve run

Day 1 Friday – 5 miles cross country – had company so conversation gates and styles helped us zoom through the miles

Day 2 Saturday- hill reps 3 hard up with slow down 2- easy up with fast down, 6 miles approx and the hill was almost half a mile long – hate that hill, hate that hill!! Love that hill

Day 3 Sunday -any easy 4 lazy days

JDay 4 Monday – Cross country 5 which turned out to be a lovely run squeezed in to a busy day

Day 5 Tuesday – 5 easy miles, I have a run that is an out and back that takes me to a ramshackle building where I’d love to build a house – it’s a run I call running home (the dream home)

Day 6 Wednesday – A sociable 5 miles catching up with my Athlete on his training run – I was given a fab New York too too ‘coach perks’ and the low down on NYC marathon

Day 7 Thursday – A club run with new Tri club North Cotswold Tri and run, another sociable run
Day 8 Friday -gym session oh so easy!! Cold weather a hill and 8 miles – zonked by 7:30pm zzzzz

Day 9- oh how that gym session hurt Feel like I’ve been kicked by a team of angry toddlers – cancelled my participation in the arranged by me!!  long run – instead 5 miles in to the Dark My bum ached!! But the legs did good

Day 10 – Gail force winds and  Rain overnight – mainly cleared for the 26 miles with Kate.  Blown about and feet soggy but who cares??  Day 10 is done in sub 8:30 up some pretty heartless hills so Hip Hip Hooray!!!


2 days of no running now – but not quite rest.  Coaching, indoor cycling, core work and strength stuff too do and the office job (a grand open evening) race promotion and charity fundraising to do outside of the house…

and inside…. I’d rather not think about that – childcare, washing,hoovering…… arrgh let me run 

as it happens the house work helps the running to keep moving and in different ways is a must for us all!! Running is great but movement is betteR
KEEP MOVING – run better 
Please donate to my challenge if you can 
Have a great week 

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