Competition Time – #outdoors #runners 

In 6 months time I’ll be facing my challenge of 10 marathons in 10 days running around the gorgeous and awe inspiring Lake Windermere – right now my main challenge is to keep raising money for the charity I have pledged to run for and raise money for!! 

I’d like to raise he huge sum of £5000 and to get there this is what I’ve tried so far

Asking my nearest, dearest, co-workers-cohorts, friends, clients, fellow runners, anyone!! to donate via my Justgiving Page and you’ve been brilliant THANK YOU keep donating

Donating profits from my summer time 10k and refreshment profits too

Shakey shakey shaking the charity pots at Morrisons

BBQ and entertainment 

An online promises Auction 

A charity sale with cakes and teas

and now thanks to the great outdoor brand Trespass I have a great competition 



See below for women’s 

Here is the men’s kit 
All you have to do to enter is donate a minimum of £2.00 on my just giving page 

and leave the following message Go Claire Go -YOUR NAME – Treapass Comp entry!!

Then comment on my Brathay 10 in 10 Facebook page

The competition will run for 6 weeks and end on 24 December 
It’s a great prize so please let all your mates know about it!! 
Thank you for all of your support xx

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