Invest in your ass – Brathay 10 in 10

What a weekend, a wonderful heart warming, soul enriching, motivation top up, in a place that oozes with all of the amazing things that have been thought up there, carried out there and started there.

I escaped the hectic chaos of work, 6 year old twins and crazy dogs to the Lakes last weekend.  I headed out on a cold snowy morning and 4 hours later I was driving down the driveway of Brathay Hall.  There are 3 places that I have fell in love with in the UK.  One is The Cotswold’s (my home) 2 is Snowdonia and 3 is The Lakes.

First thing first after I park up, hugs for Aly.  I feel is like Aly is a family member I don’t see often enough, we’ve never met!!  yet I feel I know her so well.  What I do know is that Aly’s passion for what 17 of us are about to embark on is boundless.  She’s a little live wire who has completed the Brathay 10 in 10 twice and has been its pulse ever since. (In my opinion). Aly has a great support team who help her to burn brightly and keep the 10 in 10ers on track.

What a gorgeous lodge, wow was all I could really say – if this is accomodation for the 10 marathons in 10 days…..

‘hallelujah’  loh no it’s not?  Nope,  for the 10 in 10 we’ll be in shared dormitory accommodation, Oh!  Bunk beds They ain’t making this easy.

Let’s see if I can remember and tell you who will be running with me 10 times around the lovely lake in May and a snippet of what if anything I can remember about them:

Tim- many marathons, all the majors, good at fund raising 

Roger – PT Isle of Man – MDS and many steps

Rich – Been here before!! Runs many marathons Started running to raise money for charity 

Sonia – previous 10 in 10er also done it on a bike!

Lucy- Completed  10 in 10 before – 3rd fastest women of all so far, works in HR

Trudi- has previously supported endurance hero husband Paul at the event.  Bendy,  very bendy.

Angela- superhero fell runner aged 64 – completed Bullock smithy 

Janet- 42 or 3 -similar marathon PB to me – made me work on marathon training run

Bob- seemed really tall and supports Leeds

Kev – married to Debbie and part of the race organising team – Its Grim up North

John – has run the 10 in 1o before (sorry John we must chat more) 

Jimmy – Ultra runner who’d never met the Foam roller before

Matt- based in Windermere, works in a school

Malc- flexible, genetically gifted, race organiser, 

Mike – 2:34 (maybe quicker marathon PB) 

I think this is everyone, there is one of the group missing and that’s Gary who didn’t get to Windermere for the weekend.

The weekend was full of great advice, a lot structured talks.  We learnt about Brathays young people and the projects our fundraising will be supporting – projects such as the Aspiring leaders programme and we met a great young man called Adam who’s life has been changed because of the project.

We also had talks about fundraising, the event support and how it will all work in May.  There was lots of free flowing talk too.

From all the other motivated and inspiring individuals that I met over the weekend.  I learnt lots of other things:

Age is no barrier 

Belief is key 

Passion is priceless 

Ordinary people will do extraordinary things 

Pixie dust us available in buckets at Brathay 

This challenge of 10 marathons in 10 days can be done, has been done and changes lives.
On the last day of a great weekend of eating, the food was lovely, running 32.2 miles in total, a marathon on Friday, we covered the first part of the Winderemer lake route and we were blessed with glorious sunshine all the way and a recovery 6 on Sunday ( not so blessed, raining! but blessed enough for it to be light rain) we found out about the 5 a day.

Adam Smith Sports therapist heads up the  physio and rehab team during our 10 in 10 and was on hand over the weekend to give his experiences of supporting runners over the 10 in 10.  Tales from the therapy room were sufficiently un -nerving enough to make me listen and listen good in our last session of the weekend.  Injury prevention and physio support.

This is where the importance of strength training was re-in forced and I was quietly pleased that for the past 6-8 weeks I’ve been working hard with Freestyle360 PTs to start getting strong.  Adam has put together a full set of strengthening, mobility and stretching exercises that if followed 3 times a week will whip our butts ( notably , rarely used by many runners) in to shape.  Invest in the ass and you’ll run fast!!   Unfortunately it seems from previous years that the 10 in 10ers didn’t follow the exercises, time poor! a regular excuse.  Due to this we were given the full set of exercises but, if we didn’t do anything else we were encouraged to do 5 key things.

The couch stretch

Goblet squat (sit squat) –  see this video HERE

Sideline leg lift.  No video of this so hopefully I’ll explain it correctly.  Here goes, lie on side hips stacked legs long.  Raise top leg about 20 cms, you should feel it in the glutes.  Against a wall is best (sock on) so you can push heal back in to the wall

Calf raises – support yourself against a wall and come up on toes on one leg, place opposite leg on leg that you’re raising to add a little more weight, easy but effective, to strengthen the Achilles.

Prone leg raises- Unfortunately I could not find Adam doing this one for u.  I did find this American chap –HERE
I bought in and I’m on it every other day and foam rolling again too!!  

If I only mange the 5 a day me and this butt will smash Brathay

Please DONATE HERE to help me smash the fundraising target too 


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