Always on my mind

Little things I should have said and done, I just never have the time 

10 marathons in 10 days and the £5000 I would  like to raise 

It’s always on my mind!! 

With the dulicid tones of Elvis in  my head, it has occurred to me this week that despite where I am or what I’m doing, the challenge I’ve entered in to is always on my mind.

Running, yep of course I have to think about that, I plan when, how, who with.  Before work, after, during. With a client, a friend, the dog or just me.  If I miss early I’ll be sorting breakfast and thinking when?  Today I’m off out on a family trek and that’s ok because in the back of my mind I’m thinking that I’ll run late today.  Should be cross country but it’s muddy, but I might and the dogs coming too.

The training, is my plan right?, is it enough? am I working hard enough? Am I doing enough strength work.  About the strengthwork, should I ache so much?

Its a week until the 10k  I organise and part of the money from that will go to my Brathay charity pot, always on my mind.  Marshalls, car parking, prizes, first aid officials and on it goes.

Raising £5000,  How?  Who?   Next event after the 10k will be a car wash.  I’ve contacted lots of companies and have other ideas bubbling away.  It’s always there in the back of my head, I’ll be out and about and all of a sudden lightbulb 💡moment.  Ooh I could do that to raise money for Brathay, do you think my just running 4 today is ok is that enough?

Then there is the actual event – our kit list,  a list of things we might want with us or not want to forget has arrived this week .  Now I’m thinking about packing up my bag, it’s like I was before having the kids, getting my hospital bag ready. Must have 10 of those, pillows, all first aid gear incase of all those things I’d rather not have, blisters, headaches , tummy trouble.  After run stuff. The I did it!!!! party frock – I’m unsure about killer heals  just yet.  I can’t forget my running kit, 3 pairs of trainers 10 pairs of running socks,  how many sports Bras?  It’s a good job that I’ve got 14 weeks to pack my bag.
14 WEEKS!!!!

 Oh dear that’s not long is it? That’s just 98 days which is just 9 blocks of my 10 day training! Now that’s going to be on my mind too.  I feel queasy. 
To keep me going I always have the people who will benefit on my mind too.  Watching Bear Gryls with the kids yesterday and watching those young people do amazing things that they were so proud of made me think of some of the outdoor things that Brathay do.  I thought I’d maybe get in touch and see if I can volunteer for a day or two.  I probably won’t get the time, but they are there on my mind.  There are loads of videos available that show you the great things they do like THIS ONE

If you think you can help you can donate here or get in touch with your ideas

and if you’re a youngster who doesn’t know the song that prompted this blog here is for you VIDEO

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