80 Days -Achey Days  

it’s just 80 days untill the challenge begins, no that’s  wrong!!  It’s just 80 days until the event begins, the challenge, our challenge, mine and 16 other brave (or maybe crazy) souls has already begun.

I’ve been training since October with the main event in mind, building a base of miles, beginning strength and conditioning.  Following a 10 day plan. 10 days on 1 day off.  I’m tired right now, on the back of  my first distance beyond 26 miles.  A 28 mile race on day 8 of a 10 day cycle which included 3 gym sessions,  5 glute workouts.  Directing the 10k race I organise which helped raise £500.  In amongst all that training, I have trained / coached kids athletics, 3 runners, instructed and taken part in 3 spin classes and been at work, practice managing in the office each morning too.  I’ve managed teenage issues and believe me they are complex in this house,  6 year old squabbles and a relationship often pushed to the brink due to the amount of time dedicated to fund raising and training and the grumpiness that this can all cause.  I’ve even managed a night out too!

It’s a rare rest, no training at all today  or training anyone else day today.  My day off has fallen when I’m not coaching in the gym or instructing spin!! I needed it too.  I have an achey back and core from yesterday’s gym session and my brain is fuzzy as well.

But all of this is part of the challenge, if I can keep going,  keep training then 10 days of running for 4 or so hours a day without the day job, the coaching, the kids, that’s got to be easy (chokes a little) hasnt it? 

80 days to go

Achey days to go 


Jumping lifting stretching

80 days to go 

Heart aching days to go

Kids to keep Happy 

Teen to keep sane

Relationships to keep on track 

80 days to go 

Events to arrange

Money to raise 

Remember this hard time is just a phase

Achey days 

80 days to go !!

Not long now, as ever if you can donate then please do HERE or text 

Thank you all 


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