Oh the pain…. 

No not the legs, not the muscle soreness from strength and conditioning.

Bloomin TOOTHACHE!! and the loss of a major run from my major important to me, running plan.

It has been going well, really well.  Runs have been good, I even managed a reasonable 10k last week and my body has been feeling strong after events and recovering quickly. 

 However in the background I have been ignoring my grumbling tooth.  After having some work on it late last year I didn’t return, partly too busy , but mainly the memory of the clamped open mouth, stretched rubber over teeth, drilling, crunching and whistling Dentist – I really do not like the dentist. (Not personally just dentists in general)

Day 7 of my runs was a 10 mile run ahead of my 28 miles planned for today.  The run went well and even after a morning of  heavy squats I managed the 10 miles in an hour and 25 minutes.  No sign of aches or pains. After stretches I headed for a nice hot bath.  10 minutes in… some imaginary little guy with a pneumatic drill set to work on my tooth.  It is the worst pain I personally have ever felt.  I took painkillers and still the pain pulsed on.  It was so bad I had to cancel my spin class.  I could not have motivated anyone feeling like I felt.  With a top up of parecetomol my pain eased and I emailed my dentist begging for his help.  Well not quite begging, but asking nicely in a please see me tomorrow as I cannot bare this pain another day.  I had a restless night and by morning after more pain relief my pain had eased considerably.  The dentis phoned and said he could see me at 12:30.  At first I made my excuses in the back of my mind thinking I’ve got 28 miles to run and then I thought What if this happens again during 10 in 10 – the first runner out due to toothache!! So I took the appointment.

Let’s make this visit short

Injected x 4 cried!!

Shaking, feeling bad

Clear glasses

Mouth clamp

Nurse holding head

Dentist using tool box to rip out tooth – whilst whistling theme of the fecking banana bunch 

Tooth ripoed out eventually – oh the pain although numbed 

Told not to run for the day at least 

I thank the dentist for the worst time of my life, I actually thank him and then leave.  Get in car and burss in to tears.  Oh the trauma.  No run today, gutted the plan it’s on the plan and no tooth

I am now in my bed, as after the barrel of anethstetic  wore off I was once again major pain.   With painkillers it has eased again.

No tooth, no run -I  didn’t make my 10 days!! But hopefully the tooth won’t take me out of the 10 in 10 and one missed run won’t change too much – 28 tomorrow now instead.

Oh the pain!! 

I’m running and training for a great charity and your donations would be greatly achieved Thank you all

Donate Here

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