8 weeks untill I’m due 

That’s right in 8 weeks I am due!! 

I’ve been expecting since late July and now we are nearly there.  I cannot be induced and there is no fear of the imminent arrival   making an early appearance.  Since July I have been making plans and researching what everyone else in my situation does and I’ve also been trying to get money together.

In this last trimester I’ve been thinking about my bag for the big event and what I’ll be taking with me, here’s my list so far:


Underwear – 10 x cotton breathable seamless knickers maybe Runderwear if they will kindly give me some (always trying) for day. 10 x comfy knickers (any will do) for afterwards each day.

10 x  more mile running socks 

10 x fluffy bed type socks and a few everyday socks

Everyday bras x 10 – don’t think I’ve even got 10!! 

3-5 sports bras – all tried, tested and approved ✅

Running tops – 2 racing vests  1x t shirt and base layer (s) for underneath incase of bad weather

Wind cheater, light weight, 3-4 long sleeve tops 

Running bottoms 6+ including  – 2 x under armour capris – faves, adidas ones with hole in (if they survive) love them too and others 

Calf guards – just a pair more for after tather than 

Hats – various, Gloves x 2 pairs – it’s May and  I must be prepared for all weather 

For after each day – comfy bottoms, T shirts hoodies! and my UGGs 

Oh good god!! I’ve only forgot the most important piece of kit!!!!

Trainers x 3-4 2 x Saucony Ride 7s (currently cheap as chips at Sweatshop) 1 x Saucony Triumph IS0 2 and maybe my Asics too


The party frock of party frocks to be worn at the after day 10  I am a hero party – and heels!!! ( maybe not heels, UGG boots and LBD) 

Toiletries and nutrition stuff

Hi 5 Four in one


Hi 5 zero tabs

Friji x 20 – or a tub of choc nesquick

Giant Pic a mix (oh yeah) including white mice and giant strawberries

Biscuits – rich tea 


CAKE !! – yes intended this to be here again

This area of the bag will grow, nutrition is very very important to me 



Shower Gel





have I missed anything? Loads I’m sure, I’ll add to it as my due date gets closer

Other stuff to aid my comfort and creativity

My Brathay training diary and pen

iPad / phone and chargers – so I can update you all on my feelings and emotions throughout the week, prepare yourself fot the odd emotion filled vid on the days I may be too tired to write! 

My fabulous Trekz Titanium Shokz / these are brilliant and will be made use of on the run and in the times I may need to be an unsociable git and get away

Multi plug extension for all my chargers!

Hair dryer /straighteners 

Pillow or 2 

Foam roller – well I best had so it appears like I use it regularly 😉 

and my reminder that I can do this everyday!!!

What have I missed? What would you take with you? 
I’m so nervous, I think having a baby or even 2 in the same day may have been less scary 

Just 8 weeks untill I’m due!! Due to take on one of the hardest physical challenges of my life 

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