Mums the Word -2017

Do you remember  the blog from 2013 ?  For those that don’t I’ve re-posted it today 

Back in 2013 you met my brood, Amy, Connie, Craig and the twins 

4 years on things have changed with a bit.

Here are my brood today

Amy – 

No longer my teenager, heading to that key age of 21 when we get all the answers and the world is revealed as not such a confusing place.  Oh does that not happen st 21?  I’ll tell her before she gets there.  Amy does not live st home any more but is here often and I love it when she is.  You know she is here by the scattering of her belongings around the house.  Amy has had a busy 4 years and has learnt some hard lessons and braved through some emotional times and I’m pleased to say she has come out the other side with her kind and loving heart intact.  Still one of the best friends I could wish for.  Amy still plays and sings but just not enough.  


Connie is my teenager and much like Amy in her teens Connie is rarely seen outside of her bedroom and can be found on social media or (nothing like Amy) with her head in a book.  Connie is too tidy!! Her room is a tidy little shrine to…….. nope not a pop star, but mostly Harry Potter and other books.  Connie has a great little YouTube site Conniebelle. Connie has had a tough few years too, looking back.  Fighting an eating disorder and right now dealing really well with anxiety .  She’s a great girl ( you may sense my bias throughout this blog) and also a great friend to me too. Exams are ahead of her and I often wish she was not so worried about them and would listen when I say, exams are not everything when you go out into the big wide world. I’ll keep saying it 

Craig –  sadly Craig my stepson doesn’t live st home with us any more and I don’t have any recent photos of him.  He now lives in Exeter with his mum.  Craig became very ill with leukaemia back in 2013 and has had a very tough few years.  I don’t know alot more, I’m sad to say. Although he was getting better.  We do all miss him and he pops up in our conversations on most days.  Hopefully he will decide to get in touch again one day 

Daisy & Robbie The Twins 

Daisy is 6 now, one of my twins and a crazy live wire.  Her creativity knows no bounds and has very annoyingly found its way to her bedroom walls and cuddly toys who have received a Daisy make over.  She has the best imagination and a little heart of gold which she demonstrates when she will sacrifice a belonging for her brother or let him turn over the TV to keep the peace.  She can also in the case of her brother have a heart of stone which is displayed usually when thumping her brother or causing other actual bodily or emotional pain.  She loves him though.  Daisy loves all things creative and makeup is in that list too.  Oh dear I think I’ve agreed to let her do my makeup today!! 

Robbie is 6 too of course and a different character altogether to his sister.  He doesn’t have the creative wall drawing side of his sister.  He is more of an inquisitive mind, soaking up everything he can.  He is currently reading Harry Potter / this amazes me still daily.  He is 6 and reads as well as I do.  We just sometimes have to explain word meanings to him. He is equally kind and unkind to his sister as she is to him and together as the terrible twosome they are a force to be reckoned with.  Just yesterday whe  it was just myself and them I experienced there bond, when they both ganged up on mummy and decided to do nothing I asked !!! 

There you have it, my brood today 4 years on.  Make the most of those kids mums.  That time flys and before you know it they are up off and gone 

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